Sunday, May 09, 2010

Umm, That Was Pretty Cool

Happy Mother's Day, everyone. Hope yours was good. Mine? It was pretty awesome. First of all, Wyatt came running into our room this morning, directly to me, saying, "Happy Mother's Day, Mommy!" I assumed Jeff had put him up to it, but then Jeff appeared behind him mouthing, "I didn't tell him to say that!" It was really cute.

And then my day got really interesting. First photo:

Isn't that cool? It's the picture a Secret Service Agent took with my camera to make sure it was actually a camera.

Picture 2:

Secret Service agents scanning the horizon with big binoculars - BIG. Oh, and they had these:

You know, just a standard cache of weapons.

Why all the hoopla?

Yep. POTUS was here today and we were lucky enough to get to see his arrival. Our friend Brian is on an AF Presidential Advance team (or something like that) and worked this event, so was able to get us front row seats to see the President arrive. And arrive he did.

I found the whole thing fascinating. The pomp, the circumstance, all of it. Early in the week, I was kind of meh about the whole thing, but then after hearing more about it, I decided I was in. I didn't realize how interesting I would find all the details, like the suburban full of armed men. 

We were in a pen with a few other friends and strangers, about this far away from the airplane.

And we didn't take the kids with us to the arrival because right after that, we got to go on a tour of Air Force One and we were unsure of how that would really play out. So while we were touring, Kristen brought all the kids. And then we got to do this:

Seriously cool experience. And good luck to my husband and kids in making future Mother's Days more interesting.


SStites said...

VERY cool, but then I have been Obama all the way ever since the first time I heard him speak years ago, so it would have been seriously special to me to have had this opportunity. Love the pictures. You guys are just the All American Family to the nth degree! Hugs to all of you!

Ade said...

Wow...awesome! Miles will be so jealous!

Ade said...

So, Miles told Jack all about this after talking to Jeff last night. Jack now wants his daddy to be in the Airforce "so that he can be as cool as Jeff!"