Monday, May 03, 2010

Weekend Delights:

1. An outing with friends that included stops at Ikea, HomeGoods and a massive furniture store but, more importantly, provided a break from groundhog day and lots of laughter. It was good for the soul.

2. Fifteen dollars worth of play dishes, utensils and cookware that is entertaining Wyatt and Natalie to the nth degree this morning.

3. Finding out a good friend is coming to stay for the week while my husband is away.

4. Possum eradication attempts by the neighborhood men. Jeff spotted the apparently massive rodent lumbering through the backyard - he reports it is bigger than Millie - and roused our neighbor out of his house on a quiet Sunday morning to get out the fireworks. Multiple strings of firecrackers and gallons of water later, the possum remains camped out under the shed and I have plans to pick up a trap today.

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Ade said...

Ahhh...there is a break from groundhog day?!?