Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Noteworthy things of late:

1. I turned 35. Who stole my youth and how did they do it without me noticing? Aren't 35-year-olds full-fledged adults? I think I missed a class on that or something because I don't always pretty much never feel like a real grown-up.

2. My husband has planned a mystery trip for us (which I found out about a little over a month ago because I was, um, complaining about how we never go anywhere) and on Sunday I learned the destination: we'll be lounging in Antigua at this little gem of a place. I'm what you would call really excited.

3. The thing I actually wanted for my birthday was from Wyatt  - a whole day of no arguing, backtalking, yelling, causing his sister to scream, etc. It was a fabulous idea. It totally didn't work. I will try again next year.

4. I have decided that I'd like a babycenter update type of thing for myself. I get these emails about my "fifteen month old, week two" or my "three year old, month 11" and then it tells me all about what milestones they're hitting, what activities are good for them, what hurdles we should expect and how to handle them. So I'd like to be able to plug in some goals for myself and then get a weekly email telling me how to get there. Also maybe it could tell me how to achieve a greater level of patience and keep my house a little cleaner.

5. I made the homemade hostess cupcakes and they are goooood. Unfortunately, they're not really the smartest thing to have in my house immediately prior to lounging in swimwear for a week. Add that to the chocolate bomb of a cake that Wyatt has requested for his birthday and I'm pretty sure Antigua won't be impressed with me! But at least I'm fat and happy.

6. I'm attempting to explain the minutiae of my daily life for my mother-in-law (who's taking care of the kids while we're basking elsewhere). As I write it all down I have two thoughts: 1. This doesn't seem that challenging when I look at it on paper and 2. I need to buy more wine for her.

7. I love it when Wyatt is in a lovey mood at bedtime. Tonight, he couldn't quite get close enough or hug me tight enough. He then informed me he will love me over his whole life, with his whole heart and he will never ever ever stop hugging or kissing me. Please, say it will be so.

8. I asked Natalie who she wanted to put her to bed tonight. She actually answered, "Dada" and then went looking for him. I'd be more irritated if this wasn't the exact relationship my husband hoped to have with his daughter.

9. For the very first time, Wyatt used his own money for a purchase last week. We counted out $20 worth of quarters (well, $18 because Banzai gave him two ones for his cause) and toted them in a baggie to Target where he purchased that which he really, really wanted: Hungry, Hungry Hippos. We've been munching marbles with our little colorful hippo heads ever since.

10. I have a gem of a drum show to post for you, but am too lazy (or maybe drowsy from my new anti-headache medication) to get it loaded tonight. We'll just have to save that laugh for another day.


Rosemary said...

Your writing draws me into your day & your thoughts & provides delightful insights about your kids. AND, I've already checked out that hostess cupcake recipe. BAAADDDD! Will be fun to try. Thanks!

Leslie said...

Ahhhhh, I miss you! Thank goodness for blogs, eh? You make me laugh, and I love that. It is so true that even though we don't have much to do in a day, somehow it takes all day to do it. Seriously, until you've tried to load 2 little ones in car seats complete with snacks, toys, diapers, extra clothes, various accessories, and coffee for yourself without spilling on the baby, you just can't understand how doing laundry can be so. freaking. difficult. Welcome to the back side of our 30's by the way! 35 is the new 25, eh? (By the way, when did I become Canadian, eh?)