Saturday, June 26, 2010


Jeff and I are leaving in a few short hours for our much-anticipated trip. The children were kind enough to be uber-challenging this morning and generally fragile and cranky so that leaving seemed like some sort of great escape.

But then they napped.

And they awoke refreshed, delightful, polite and loving. And darn it if I didn't shed a few tears as I hugged Natalie and tucked Wyatt in tonight (who, by the way, is interested that we're leaving but is just so excited for his week with his grandparents that he's kind of "just go on, then, I'll see you in a week" about it all).

This week is going to be so good for all of us, but those little stinkers have a firm grip on my heart.


Susan said...

I would guess that before you leave the house in the morning you'll feel even a little more torn than you do right now but at some point between Norfolk and the Caribbean it will all melt away! Have so much fun.

kristen said...

Have a wonderful time...and I totally agree with Susan.