Monday, August 09, 2010

Half, Please

In an act of brilliance (or maybe desperation), I enrolled Wyatt in a soccer camp last week. It was two hours, every morning, all week, outside. Some part of that equation turned out to be too much - I think if we could have eliminated one of those descriptors, it would've been a hit. But he's a young four (have I mentioned how I feel about four so far?) and it was simply too much. By Friday, we were really done.

No matter, he went every day even if it meant resting because his legs were, "really, really, really, really tired" or laying face down on the field during a scrimmage. Fortunately - or not - it was a low pressure soccer camp for the under-six set and he fit in okay. And told everyone he loved them. He did, however, really love the gear and the idea of it and even wants to try again another time, "for only half as long."

At least he looked cute.

Day one enthusiasm

He loved the water breaks.

day 2: still somewhat interested
day 3: losing steam

annnnnnd it's just more fun to hang out with the big kids.

Meanwhile, Natalie spent the time exploring and honing her escape skills.

Don't worry Mom, I'll just be down there somewhere

Bleachers - super fun.

Wanting to be part of the action.

contemplating her next move on the bleachers - they never get old

Making a break for it


Rosemary said...

Your posts are such a treat. I always feel as if I've been there with you and I "feel" your joy, angst, frustration, & love. You're super!

Leslie said...

Great pictures of the kids. Just beautiful! I just caught up on your posts, and I have too agree with you. We're only a week into "four," but WHAT THE????? Me, I have no clue...but if you figure something out, please share. Upping the time-out duration to 4 minutes (is it bad that I felt some smug sense of satisfaction the first time I set that timer for 4 minutes instead of 3? What kind of mother am I?) has only made it all the more difficult... Sheesh.

Susan said...

Can't wait to get that four-year-old here so we can put them in a room and let them teach other their best moves.