Monday, August 09, 2010

Here's to the Upswing

We're going to make it. Today we:

1. Had fewer timeouts.
2. Had less back-talking.
3. Got to watch a bunch of Raptors, T-38s and a couple of Eagles take off.
4. Cried less.
5. Napped more.
5. Made shrinky-dinks.
6. Used television to compensate for the evil dinner-time prep meltdowns.
7. Ate meals without prompting.
8. Visited friends.
9. Enjoyed ice cream.
10. Skyped with Daddy.

Mostly these were things accomplished by the younger generation, but I participated in a few, too, and here's what I can tell you:

1. Shrinky-dinks never lose their magic.
2. Nick Jr. and me? We're going to get tight over the next couple of months.
3. Adult company can never be overrated.
4. Ice cream heals many wounds.
5. Seeing the face of a loved one (even if it's growing a mustache!) is always better than just talking.

Praise be.

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