Wednesday, October 06, 2010

It Worked!

I took pictures and, in Natalie's newest word, "wow!" here they are. We've been enjoying the sun for the last few days because after forty days and nights of precipitation (okay, not really, but a foot in two days is fairly inundating), we're very grateful for that big ol' ball of fire in the sky. Sadly, it's been a little cool, but I should stop griping now and get on with it. So anyway, we keep finding ourselves at the park after naps*.

This first one kind of sums it up. Natalie's pretty much saying, "what is that thing and why haven't I seen it for so long?"

Next up: Natalie is showing how big she's gotten by tackling every park obstacle available. No pictures of her scaling the rock wall because well, I should still have hands free to spot her just in case she stumbles even though she never does. That's how it goes when you're part mountain goat.

And here's the one picture I have of Wyatt. Yes, one. That's what happens when his friends are at the park and they're so busy running around that they couldn't possibly take time out for photos.

And this one is just to document Natalie's fascination with pigs. Turns out there are a lot of pigs in her books: pigs that make noise, pigs with whom she rubs noses, pigs to pet, pigs whose tails she pulls, lots of pigs. She also has an awesome polka dotted pink piggy bank that she often requests to kiss before bed. So when she spied this beauty on the playground, she not only started oinking but sprinted toward it to get a better look. Please imagine her delight when I actually put her on it.

So there you have it.

*In other news, Wyatt's naps are largely a thing of the past. We've now survived our first week of napless afternoons (well, he napped once) and it turns out we're all going to be okay. He's learning to have a little quiet playtime in his room and I'm learning more about how fun it is to play with him doing whatever game he's created. RIP, quiet afternoons. We had a good four-year run!


SStites said...

Totally adorable!

Jonathan and Tara Airhart said...

Seriously...what is happening with your children?! Why are they growing up so fast?! I hate missing out on all the fun! (Even though I do love our fun right now!) They are both so precious! Miss you guys! Here's to ending up at the same place when we return!!