Tuesday, October 05, 2010


1. If I'd take more pictures, I'd actually post some to the blog.

2. If I'd stop buying chocolate covered almonds, I'd be able to go a whole day without eating them.

3. If I'd put on exercise clothes upon waking, I'd actually exercise.

4. If I'd go to bed before 11, I'd be less grumpy in the morning.

5. If I'd bake fewer cupcakes, I'd be able to get over my buttercream addiction.

6. If I'd spend less time looking at random things online (vegan buttercream? healthy frosting?), I'd have a cleaner house.

7. If I'd really believe the husband will be returning soon, I'd finish up all those unfinished to-do-while-he's-gone projects.

...but really? Probably not.

1 comment:

Susan said...

Perhaps. But? There would be other things you would add to the list. If these habits make you happy, I'd just keep them.

p.s. Go try the Diamond Brand Cocoa Almonds. They're not chocolate covered but are kind of sweet. They come in 100 calorie packs.