Thursday, November 04, 2010

Just Because

We've had some really great days around here. So for the me who might forget these little things someday, I want to remember that:

1. Natalie starts calling Wyatt's name as we turn onto the street where his school is and the volume crescendos to a peak as he gets into the car. It's like her little body can't possibly contain the excitement brought by seeing him get in and she greets him with a squeal. It usually startles the parent helper who's helping him with the door.

2. Wyatt often talks to Natalie as we talk to him: "Natalie, would you like to go to the park? Then you have to get buckled; Natalie, if you want to have a treat after dinner, you're going to have to eat your broccoli." She takes him very seriously, nodding an open-mouthed yes because she thinks her brother is pretty great.

3. Wyatt, at almost every nap and bedtime, asks if we can please cuddle for "two minutes." 99% of the time we do and I'm never, ever sorry for that sweet time with him.

4. When Natalie wakes up from nap before her brother, I tell her he's still asleep and she smiles, then puts her finger to her lips and says, "sssshhh, ssssshhhh!"

5. Yesterday, when I told Wyatt that yes, he could take a rocket and my vacuum attachment to his room for quiet time he looked at me and said, "Wow! I totally wasn't expecting that! You're the best and when I say I don't love you, I never mean it."

6. Last night, when Wyatt tasted his first bite of pork tenderloin, he said, "Mom, you rock! This dinner is yummy!"

7. Natalie begs to sit on my bathroom counter while I get ready in the morning. She brushes her teeth while I brush mine and she takes the eyelash curler out and holds it for me saying, "eye! eye! eye!" until I'm ready to use it.

8. If I'm sitting on the floor, Natalie takes it as an open invitation to push me over, climb up and start jumping on me. And I totally let her, every time.

9. Wyatt shared all his green skittles with me because "green is your favorite color, Mom."

10. Natalie sits on the couch, then pats the spot next to her saying, "Mama! Mama! Mama!" until I come sit next to her.

11. There's something totally heartwarming about the way Natalie backs up and plops into my lap for books or to put on socks.

12. Wyatt and Natalie spend many hours chasing each other around and around and around through the house, shrieking with laughter while they do it.

13. Natalie has stolen Wyatt's job of feeding Millie. She makes as many trips as we'll let her from the food bin in the hall closet to Millie's bowl, lovingly delivering a few pieces of kibble at a time. Then she stands back and watches Millie enjoy it.

14. When Natalie does something we ask her to do (put something in the trash, take something to the steps) she comes back shouting, "I diiih! I diih!" until we say, "Yes, you did it!" She beams from ear to ear and I hope she'll always have that much satisfaction in doing something well.

15. Almost every morning, Wyatt gets up while Jeff's getting ready just so he can have those extra few moments with his daddy.

16. Wyatt remembers a lot, like the fact that a certain bouncy ball was purchased for him by Grandma Schmidt. And if my memory serves, it was the January before Natalie was born, which would have made him all of two-and-a-half.

17. Almost every evening, when we ask what his favorite part of the day was, Wyatt tells us "family dinner."

18. Natalie has created her own obstacle course in the family room - onto the table, into the chair, onto the ottoman, roll onto the floor - and for some reason, we let her do it over and over and over and over.

19. I'm a lucky mama, to be staying home with my babies despite sometimes wanting to pull out my hair and missing a paycheck. These are precious days.


Leslie said...

Loved catching up on your days! It's the little things that make the days so great, and it's the little things I'm afraid I might forget twenty some years from now. Thank goodness for blogs!!! Loved your pumpkin pictures in the previous post. Looks like the kids had fun with the little red wagon :)

Craig and Jamie said...

That was great to read, Stephanie. Wyatt and Natalie are so sweet and adorable. You and Jeff did a wonderful job!

christy said...

You are an amazing mom. Thank you for making me think of the little great things that happen in the day. They are GREAT.

Rife Wife said...

Yes thank you for making me think of all the little great things as well! (which I'm now trying to update on our blog :)
Number 7 & 11. Love them about my little lady as well. 16 holds true in this family as well. Amazing little memories!