Thursday, November 11, 2010

Observations by Wyatt

Recent gems from the older, wiser brother:

Me: Natalie is full of vim and vigor today!
Wyatt: Yes, she is. And ice cream and water, too!


Me: Your sister is a little silly.
Wyatt: No, Mom, she is hiLARious!


Susan said...

Tell him Aunt Susan thinks HE'S hiLARious.

The Thomas Crew said...

Steph, the kids are just awesome. Wyatt has grown so much and he is quite the witty character (hmmm, wonder where THAT came from.) And if you looked up "stinkin' cute" in the dictionary, you'd see Natalie's picture. Love the little pigtails and also LOVE to see photos of her playing with her brother. Priceless times. But then again, you already recognize that. Enjoy, enjoy. We miss y'all!