Tuesday, February 08, 2011


We are finally in this decade. We traded in (rather, we passed to our children) our barebones, basic, falling apart (literally) cell phones and jumped on the iPhone bandwagon. When the first bill comes, you'd be a real friend to remind me that I love my fancy new phone. In the meantime, you should assume that if you don't hear from me it's because I'm figuring out all this new-fangled fun. And you should brace yourself, because if you do hear from me it's highly likely it will come in the form of some random picture I've managed to capture with my phone.

Now, off to figure out if there's a blogger app.


Leslie said...

I use BlogPress :) It's pretty flipping awesome! The only problem is that the durn kids won't sit quietly long enough for me to type out a lengthy blog entry on my wee little iphone! It's great for a quick photo and short description, though, unless you become a crazy fast typer!!

Have Fun!

Susan said...


Craig and Jamie said...

I'm also jealous!