Thursday, February 10, 2011

I'll Give Them This

My kids are energetic, at times exasperating, always loud and very passionate, but I'd be remiss to not mention that they're pretty darn funny, too. Recent proof:

Wyatt and Jeff were spinning in the basement last night (Jeff's bike on his trainer, Wyatt training wheels lifted just enough to get the wheel off the floor) and Jeff looked over to see something glistening on Wyatt's arm. So he keeps watching only to see Wyatt licking his biceps. Jeff looked away, waiting to see what would come next; a few moments later, Wyatt said, "look Daddy! I'm getting so sweaty!"

And Natalie, well, she's figured out the M&M process (kind of). She is still doing really well with her potty training and I'm still really lax about the reward system. Sometimes I offer, sometimes I don't. But her brother never forgets and, as he hears one of us telling her she's done a good job on the potty, he starts yelling, "you get M&M's!" She hears that and the "emmy? Peeze, emmy?" starts. Then as soon as she sees me open the jar, it immediately switches to, "emmy? Peeze doo emmy?" accompanied by a slight head tilt and huge smile. It works every time and she walks away with two M&M's. Not to be left out, Wyatt often slips in a request for one M&M, too, and walks away a winner.

Thick as thieves, these two.


Darling's said...

Oh I can just see them in 2 years.....the fun they will have!!

Jonathan and Tara Airhart said...

Oh I miss that kid! (And the rest of the crew too, of course!)

The Thomas Crew said...

So it's as it should be!! Big brother/little sister combo is hard to beat.

Glad y'all are enjoying your time there!