Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Story Time

Wyatt woke up with a case of the "I know better than you's" and was irritating the heck out of Natalie this morning. After both had been encouraged to make better choices a few times (he to use nicer words, she to stop hitting her brother), I was delighted to hear the following:

W: Nat, you want to sit in that chair over there and I'll read you a story?

N: Ya! climbs into appointed chair

W: Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Natalie.

N: My?

W: And there was a big, bad fox. And the fox ate the little girl.

at this point, I sense a change in direction

W: and the little girl's mother hit the wolf (I thought it was a fox?) and the little girl came out…

N: Wow! starts laughing

W: and that's the end.

N: More?

W: No. I'm out of stories right now.

And that was the end of the fighting. Honestly! She climbed out of the chair, they started playing together and that was it. I think we'll have stories more often!


Team Airhart said...

So, the fox/wolf ate the girl huh?! So sweet super Wy!! I don't think this story will make it all better in a few years though...but work it while you can!

Susan said...

That's quite a story, Super Wy!