Thursday, April 28, 2011

Good Day, Sunshine

my Easter bunnies
I love our life that takes us places I never dreamt of going, but wow, it was so great to be home for Easter this year. I think I've mentioned my Easter issues before here but have kept many disappointments over the years to myself (well, not completely; Jeff is fully aware of my church-related issues). Anyway, it brought joy to my heart to be sharing one long pew with my parents, sister and her family, and my own sweet family in the middle of the church where I grew up singing, "Christ the Lord Is Risen Today", hearing the bell choir, the pipe organ, the brass accompanied Hallelujah chorus. It was extra helpful that for the first time in days, the sunlight was streaming in through the beautiful windows. Yeah, so Easter at my home church was good. I hope I can keep a permanent visual of it tucked away in my brain because I guarantee that next year, I'll be back to my "it doesn't measure up" self.

Isn't it cool how we merge holidays?
Nothing says "happy Easter" like Halloween pj's.
And the rest of the day? Pretty fantastic, thanks for asking. The kids loved their baskets, stocked with all the usual candy suspects plus a Lego airplane for Wyatt and a movie for Natalie (upon seeing it, she said, "watch movie? Pop-porn?") We started with an indoor egg hunt (chocolate eggs, thoughtful bunny!) before church and that laid the groundwork for how the post-church outdoor egg hunt would go down.

Andrew and Thomas joined us for the outdoor hunt and it didn't disappoint, but we learned Andrew is crazy fast and saw those eggs from very far away. Within a few minutes, he had a new rule that for every two eggs he retrieved, he had to hide one. It was great. He took the hiding job seriously and I'm not sure the little kids ever realized what he was up to. Thomas was his normal understated, sweet self and would, every once in a while, loop by Natalie and drop one of his eggs in her bucket. Wyatt was just  Wyatt, sprinting from one place to another, soaking in the fun with his cousins. To him, anything is better with cousins. And Natalie? Well, she just stayed focused and managed to find quite a haul.

silly much?

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SStites said...

Totally adorable. I just love these blogs which allow me to be there even when I'm NOT! Hugs to all!