Monday, May 02, 2011

Misdirected Energy

Can you tell I want to redo my house? No? Well, I do. I still want slipcovers for my couches; I really dislike the color of tan on many of the walls in this rental; I dislike the periwinkle dining room; I wish I could add some curtains to the living room, but that's silly for only 7 more months; I'd like a new rug for the kitchen, but that's silly with two kids who routinely spill things. I just crave change all the time. That's kind of the only thing consistent with me.

So, I took it out on my blog. Maybe that's for the best anyway. Redecorating for zero dollars…it's too bad I can't click, click, click my physical surroundings the same way I do my pixels!


Rife Wife said...

You have been lusting after slipcovers for some time now...just do it already!
And I actually had to click on your blog because I didn't understand what you were talking about when it popped up in my google reader. Anyways, it looks great as usual!
And I love reading all the stories about the great family time you are having! It's so fun to read about and I'm for you all!!! Great time and memories!

send some of that energy this way so that i have enough to make it through our move!

Darling's said...

LOVE that picture of Jeff and the kids!! Sorry to hear about the feeling of needing that constant change, I am the same way! Your blog looks great if that makes you feel any better?!? ;)