Tuesday, May 03, 2011

I Think This is the Best Day of My Life

That title is a quote, from Wyatt, today. I think it's probably a very astute comment, for today was the day he was cleared to stop wearing his sling. YAHOO!!!! We all survived the first broken bone. His x-ray shows a distinct ball of calcification around the break site and that the bone managed to go from about a 60-degree angle to more of a 20-degree angle. We call that success.

I asked the ortho all about logistics - follow ups? soccer? limitations? - and Wyatt asked only one thing: "can I swing?" Of course the answer was yes, and obviously we stopped at a park today.

That, my friends, was some seriously joyful swinging! Natalie was not left out of the fun and I'm sure it was a great day for her, too, since our park outings have been on hold until Wyatt could participate. She had a fine time on the slides, the teeter totter and the swings. I love seeing them have such fun together and, in case you can't tell, it was pretty much the perfect park-going day around here.


Susan said...

Yippee!! We need to get a bowling redo on the calendar stat, and Thomas has been asking when Wyatt can play?

mattkyle22 said...

Wow! So excited for Wyatt. That is great news for him and we are so glad he can be out of the sling for the beach!!!! The kids look so cute, so big!! Can't believe Natalie's hair is so long. Love it! Can't wait to see the kids and you in just a few weeks. Love you all.