Thursday, May 19, 2011


I love blogging. I love that I'm recording the minutiae of my life; that I'm recording the big events of my kids' lives; that the voices in my head have a place to make themselves heard. But I have to tell you, I'm feeling a whole lot like I ought to put it all back on paper.

I ran across a box of old cards and letters (mostly from Jeff, but a few from my grandparents and parents) and it is kind of awesome to reopen each one and read about what was important to us back then. I guess I wonder if my kids will ever be as interested in reading about everything online as they would be if it were written down. If they could actually hold the words, the notes, the letters, the love we sent back and forth, would it carry more weight? Would it seem more important? I also realized that maybe Jeff and I should start writing to each other more often. We were prolific pre-kids and it has slowly dwindled to text messages. Sad.

I also found some old party pics in there from college. Do kids today realize they're missing out on the fun? I bet they take their phones with them and have all the photos they want right away, deleting the bad or incriminating before they have a chance to see the light of day. Where's the joy in that? They will never know the fun of the proof sheets showing up in the living room, then hearing everyone laugh at the funny ones, poring over them with friends and reliving the evening.

Lastly, I've been thinking that my friends and I have held up pretty well, considering we walked the hill fourteen years ago. And then I found pictures from senior year spring break. We look like babies! Oh, to have the skin, the energy, the ability to bounce back from a night of drinking like I did back then. I don't want to be a lush or anything, but honestly it would be so awesome to be able to have more than one drink without it triggering a migraine. But I guess I should hold onto that which is good now, because I bet when I'm 80, my mid-thirties will look pretty awesome. And hey, I'll have this lovely blog to relive my glory days.


Darling's said...

I agree!! Tangible is something we need to keep going. I have a journal for each kiddo I write in each month (when I remember) about the good/bad and funny! As much as the blog is a great tool, there is something to be said for a piece of paper and a pen ;)

Ade said...

Ditto Boully!

SStites said...

I wonder about a lot of the same stuff, Stephanie! Digital cameras are great, but my photo albums stopped the year I got mine, so there is no "hard data" of all these events. And I, too, run across letters for which I would not take a million dollars that my dad wrote to the girls when they were small. Computers make it so much easier, and I hope they will last forever, but I do wonder. In the meantime, I'll save precious written pages, and I'll try to write to folks occasionally, even though emails are so much faster and easier, and I promise to try to back up my photos often, but I wonder if anyone will ever look at them. And there are some gems there! Anyway, just the musings of a soon-to-be 72 year old aunt. And I do love your blog and the way it keeps me in touch with you and your precious family, so do keep blogging! See you soon.