Monday, June 06, 2011

Off Kilter

We're back from our trip but have maintained the pattern of keeping our kids up too late and not quite rested. As we drove back from Lawrence tonight at 9:30, the following conversation took place:

Natalie: Mama, whereya Wyatt's cd?

Me: It's in the house.

N: Mamaaa! Whereya Wyatt's cd?

Me: It's in the house.

N: Mamaaaaaa! Whereya Wyatt's cd? (increasingly whiny and loud)

Me: It's in the house. Natalie, should we make you a cd?

N: Yes. (uttered in her patented half-cry, half-whine, fully pitiful voice)

Me: What would you like on your cd?

Wyatt: Mom, I bet she'd like Katy Perry & Lady Gaga.

N: No Wyatt talk me!

Me: You don't want Wyatt to talk for you?

N: No! No Wyatt talk me! (now crying, for she is fragile and it is late)

Me: Okay, Wyatt, please don't talk for Natalie this time. So Natalie, what would you like on your cd?

N: Katy Peh-yee, Yady Dada.


Darling's said...

Ohh, I can just picture it! That sweet Natalie!! Miss A listened to her first Lady Gaga last week and she was pretty smitten with face. Glad you had so much fun in CA!!

Susan said...

Natalie and Thomas need to band together and form a union that supports the rights of younger siblings of very verbal big brothers to free speech and protects their ability to answer the questions directed at them.

kristen said...

Love all the post and looks like you guys had an awesome trip! Would love to catch up soon. Give the kids kisses and hugs from us. I am impressed that you posted while on vacay....I am still behind...I blame it on the half ass lap top that is running kind of and so not wanting to sit in the office at the desk top to do any of this at night reason :)