Thursday, June 02, 2011

Kid Quotes

We're still here, having fun, and yesterday that included an all day expedition to SeaWorld. Aimee had the brilliant suggestion that we put Wyatt & Natalie in their pajamas for the two hour drive home so that they could just crash after dinner. Wyatt complied quite nicely, falling asleep within ten minutes. Natalie, however, had snoozed between SeaWorld and the restaurant (for all of ten minutes) so didn't feel the need to go back to sleep after dinner. She was FULL of excellent reasons that she couldn't sleep, all delivered in her loudest voice:

1. "Mommy, my hungwy wiwwy wiwwy bad!" (This was five minutes after leaving the restaurant, where she'd mowed down her dinner, as always)

2. "Mama, darrrrrk! It darrrrk!" (Ummm, no, that's the sun in the western sky.)

3. "Mommy, Wyatt seeping! No seeping, Wy-yatt" (right. he's sleeping and you should be, too.)

4. "Mommy, my tooting!"

5. "My band-aid hurt wiwwy, wiwwy bad!"


Today, the nephews had school so Jeff was chatting up Kyle before he left, asking him all about his school. Kyle was explaining that he'll go to a different school next year, per his choice, because "it's better" than the school he's at now. When pressed for reasons as to why it's better it went like this:

Jeff: What makes it better?

Kyle: Well, my school now makes you wear uniforms. Which, obviously, I don't care (as he motions to his jeans and white t-shirt) and my new school won't.

Jeff: What else?

Kyle: And, okay, the new school has, like, a pajama day and my school has career day.

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