Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Veterans Day

We had the great honor of participating in the country's largest Veteran's Day parade west of the Mississippi today. Wyatt rode with other kids from his school through downtown Leavenworth and parents were required to accompany them, so I rode along. It was fun until I realized that by being in the parade I was essentially missing the country's largest Veteran's Day parade west of the Mississippi. Great planning, Steph! It was so big, in fact, that another mom and I were sitting waiting for the parade to start, kind of getting concerned that it was running so far behind schedule. At 45 minutes past the set start, nothing was moving. The two-ship of F-16's had completed their flyover (Wyatt was thrilled) right on time so we couldn't figure out what the hold-up was.

As we were both texting and calling our husbands and she mentioned the ridiculously late start, hers said, "I have no idea what you're talking about. I've been watching the parade for thirty minutes." Oh, right. That's what happens when you're on float number 135 in a ginormous parade. Anyway, it was all very patriotic and fun and of course the crowds in a highly Army town really turn out for such a festive affair. Even better was the fact that Grandpa, Grandma, Andrew and Thomas were among the spectators and Wyatt was extra-excited to wave from his float-perch to them.

After the parade, we all headed to Lawrence so Grandma could open up her daycare Jeff and I could go to dinner with friends and then to the mens' basketball game while the kids stayed with Grandma and Grandpa. Needless to say, we all loved that arrangement. We have enjoyed all the football games this fall but Allen Fieldhouse is truly electric and it's a treat to be there. We're so glad that our Air Force friends (Clemson grads) have embraced the Jayhawks, too, and cheered as loud as we did. Add to that a yummy dinner and post-game drinks downtown and you have a nearly perfect day in this girl's book.

Of course I spent the day being a little extra-proud of my Veteran husband, father-in-law and grandfather, then read a bunch of friends' facebook posts about how our kids are born into this life of service without choice because certainly they make sacrifices for it, too. So to all of them, and to all of our friends who are serving near and far, thanks for what you do to protect our freedoms.

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