Monday, November 14, 2011


I had the MRI on my foot today. Having never had an MRI before, I didn't realize how very loud it would be. They gave me earplugs, told me the process would take about forty-five minutes, and suggested that I close my eyes because there's not much else to do. So I did. And I entered that blissful state of not-sleeping-but-mind-not-engaged and I realized that I never do that anymore and I miss it. You know when I used to fill my tank with that kind of let-the-mind-wander-where-it-needs-to time? During my runs. Sure hoping the results are helpful.

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SStites said...

I had one on a foot (ankle, actually) and one on my back in the last couple of weeks, and both times I was offered any kind of music I wanted to be piped through the headphones. Well, as you might guess, it was Elton John, for all of those lovely minutes! Being piped right into my HEAD! What's not to love!