Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Miss Daisy, Driving

Upon pulling into the garage last week, Natalie asked if she could drive. I asked if she meant right then and she (in true Natalie fashion) quickly backpedaled to assure me that no, she meant when she's old enough. So I explained that when she's old enough, follows directions, is responsible and Daddy and I trust her then yes, she can drive.

Her reply? A breathy, "Oooh! I 'cited!"

Her favorite request now is to practice driving. She'd like to do this every day, please, but doesn't always get to. Today was a 'yes' day, so here she is, biding her time until she's sixteen. Lord help us all.

Safety first! She wanted to know how to buckle the seatbelt, and then did it.

She also attempted to convince me that I could ride in the back seat. When I said no, she offered the passenger seat. So generous.

Another happy driver!

1 comment:

Susan said...

Someone should alert the authorities now. They're going to need the next fourteen years to prepare!

Also? Your car is annoyingly clean.