Monday, November 07, 2011

Kickin' Booty

I told you back in March that I had an extra bone in my foot and that it was broken. Because I'm an idiot or maybe because I'm stubborn or possibly both, I've been living with constant pain since that diagnosis. I followed the doctor's orders to wear good shoes and put orthotics in the bad ones; I've given up running and pretty much every other form of exercise, yet I've seen no improvement. I kept saying I'd go back to the doctor, but then we started making lots of appointments for Wyatt so I wanted to get those straightened out and finally, I made it back to the podiatrist for round two. I left with a referral to an orthopedist for a second opinion and a ticked off podiatrist who was sure he could fix me with a shot of cortisone into my foot. I declined.

I received that second opinion today and it turns out I'm not unique and do not possess any bones the rest of the world doesn't have. I'm a little sad about losing my unique status. The podiatrist apparently just didn't know exactly what he was looking at (that's awesome); the bone he thought was extra is one that you have, too, but it is quite small in all of us and the orthopedist agrees that mine looks like it might have suffered a stress fracture. However, the potential of a torn tendon was also thrown into the mix today since the doctor was able to just about send me out of the chair by gently pressing on a particular tendon. Double awesome. After all these months of me just dealing with all of this, I'm now the proud owner of one fancy new boot. It's almost as cute as the ones they sell at Zappos.

SP Walker™ <br>(short pneumatic)
I'm glad I waited until we were home from the beach. Now let's just hope for no snow in at least the next three weeks, okay? Thanks.


Mark Henderson said...

Sounds like progress. You're still special. Natalie and Wyatt will probably be glad to sticker decorate your boot.

Darling's said...

Oh NO! How long do you have to wear the fancy boot? Till the fracture is healed?? Bummer!!!!