Sunday, November 27, 2011

Life in Our Crib

Tomorrow my little girl will officially grow up just a little more. Her big girl bed is scheduled to arrive before lunch so this is the last night a little Rock will sleep in the crib upstairs. It's been a good one. How many times have we tucked our babies into that bed? How many times have we stood by its side, watching a sweet small person sleep peacefully, thinking how lucky we are? How many times have I wrestled the bumper while changing the sheets? How many times have I stumbled toward it, eyes half-open, in the middle of the night, willing the shrieking child within to please just go back to sleeeeeeeep? So very, very many on all counts.

That crib has served us well, especially when we consider its humble origins ($99 at the Camp Foster PX, thankyouverymuch, the most bargain crib Okinawa offered) and has resided in four homes, if you count our four-month stay in the TLFs at Tyndall, which I do. It has provided safe haven for two wonderful small people from their very first nights home and has seen them grow from tiny small people that seemed swallowed by its size to vibrant kids that, along with all their assorted blankets, books, toys and animals, seem to barely fit inside its confines.

I'm thrilled we're passing along the trusty crib to some friends who will get good use out of it but mostly I'm hoping that Natalie will look a little small to me tomorrow night in her big girl bed.

Wyatt, all six pounds of him,
on his first night home.

Wyatt, all nine months of him, using the crib for his
photo session.

Natalie, blissed out, just shy of one year.

Natalie, sassy and big, two-and-a-half.


Darling's said...

sweet, sweet! I do hope Nat will look small in her big girl bed, just so you can enjoy another piece of her smallness before it is gone!!

kristen said...

Too cute...maybe one day we will take Bryce out of his or really just the front off for his toddler bed. 1. I am pretty sure on his over tired days he would get out of bed 2. I don't have to worry about him when I am raking our thousands of leaves while he is napping or pretending to. Although I might be surprised bc he hasn't gotten out of the twin bed at Gma's who knows.
Give Miss N kisses from us and I loved that picture of Wyatt and that cute little belly..
Hugs to you all

Laurie said...

Oh, I just love those crib pictures of Wyatt and Natalie. Such sweet, beautiful kiddos! My goodness, they grow so fast....