Sunday, December 04, 2011

Singing a New Tune

I'm dreading our move. For a jillion and seven reasons, really, but in an uncharacteristic way I'm really negative about this one. I'm a spin it positive, find the bright side, pick out the good stuff, focus on what will work kind of person but for some reason this move has continued to vex me in that arena.  Maybe it's that we're moving at Christmas, again. Maybe it's that we're leaving behind family and old friends. Maybe it's that there's no instant network waiting on the other end. I don't know, but I'm not even a good liar on this one. So to all of you who've encountered me regarding this topic, sorry. I'm trying, really I am. It just keeps getting the better of me.

Or at least it was, until today. You see, it's cold today like it was yesterday, except that yesterday was also rainy; Tuesday is supposed to be really cold. I've been internally chilled since sometime around Thanksgiving. I've been wearing at least three layers every day and still, I find myself with blue-tinged fingernails and shivers at the dinner table. I was outside fifteen minutes ago and I'm still wearing my down-filled puffer coat while I type this because, well, it's cozy and I like cozy. So I got a wild hair and checked the forecast for Sumter, my new home come January. You guys (or should I say y'all), it's supposed to be 72 there today. 74 tomorrow; ranging from the upper 50's to the lower 70's for the next ten days.

Ahhh, yes. All of a sudden I'm feeling more prepared to move. Now who wants to come visit?


Mom said...

We do, we do! (But you already knew that)

Mark Henderson said...

Hendersons are in. Cold blows.

Darling's said...

Count us in or at least somewhere close while we are camping our way to our new home in AL next July!

Laurie said...

I want to come!! I miss y'all so much! Plus, I always need to add to my Palmetto paraphernalia. Can't get enough of that! :)