Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Knock Knock

To my great dismay delight, we've apparently come into a 'knock knock' phase courtesy of Wyatt. As is typical with the five-year old set, the jokes make no sense and are often funny to me for that fact alone. But right now, he's trying to explain the concept to Natalie.

W: You say 'knock knock'.
 N: Otay.
W: And then I'll say 'who's there'. And you'll say 'chickenhead'.
N: Otay.
W: And then you'll say 'chickenhead Natalie'.
N: Otay.
W: And then we'll laugh!
N: Yay! Otay!

And so they did, and they laughed. And so did I, because it must be nice to be so easily amused.


Mom said...

I remember Thomas and Wyatt sitting at the bar eating ice cream and cracking themselves up with knock-knock jokes that morphed into more and more silliness with each repetition--definitely a developmental thing.

Steph said...

Catching up on your blog (shamefully, I haven't logged on for months to even update my own until a couple days ago) and this is 2 for 2 that made me laugh out loud. I can just picture the dialogue (and the subsequent giggles).