Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Crystal Ball?

For the record, Wyatt just informed me he wants to be three things when he grows up:

1. Pilot
2. Engineer
3. Chick-fil-a worker.

(I'll let you guess what we're having for dinner tonight.) He's now thinking, though, that it is going to be really hard for him to go to work and be at Chick-fil-a at the same time because they're at the same time, so Chick-fil-a might have to be what he does at night.

Given that Wyatt came up with those unprompted, it seemed like a good time to query Natalie. Her choice?

1. A pilot. Specifically, a Raptor pilot.

That decision took us right into the "yes, Wyatt, girls can be Raptor pilots and in fact there are some" conversation and then Wyatt felt the need to tell her that she'll first have to fly a propeller plane, then a jet trainer and then a Raptor. Ay yi yi. I'm done.

But you heard it here first. Check back in about 18-20 years.


kristen said...

Such fun and so good of you to document all of this so you can go back and remind them of their childhood dreams :)

Susan said...

Gosh this reminds me of someone who used to have a couple of careers picked out for herself. Have you told him how you were going to divide your time between working retail and cheerleading?

Team Airhart said...

Could you just blog everyday, please?! Is this also a glimpse into my future?? We sure hope so! (We talk about Wy's amazing jet knowledge at least once a week...and hope he'll gladly share it all with Ellie one day too!)

The Thomas Crew said...

Awesome! Totally cute and awesome!

Leslie said...

Who knows, maybe they'll be in the same squadron one day. And Wyatt can bring in chicken biscuits for everyone after working the night shift...

Steph said...

Okay, the Chick-Fil-A worker made me LOL. What a funny kid!

And Go, Nat!