Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Nothing But Generous

There are so many Natalie gems happening around here lately that it's making my head spin, so I need to just start writing them down. Here's one for your morning:

We're eating toast with our breakfast and she asked me if I'd like some, as she waved her piece in front of her. I replied that I'd already eaten mine, but thanks for the offer and she said, "oh just lean over and I'll rub it across your face for you!" When I chuckled and said "no thanks," she launched into a demonstration and told me all about how good it feels.

She's a little sad I didn't get to have the same experience. Such a sweet girl, always wanting the best for me.


Susan said...

It's a breakfast exfoliator. Tell her a little yogurt is good for her hair too.

Mom said...

Does it also work well to control wrinkles?