Monday, August 27, 2012

Natalie Gems

Natalie is a constant source of amusement to me and most of the time she doesn't intend to be funny. I think that's why I like it. I'm reminded that three might be my very favorite age.

1. on the way home from dropping the carpool kids at school this morning, she asked if maybe we could make cookies (tookies, in Nataliese) today. They should be purple. Then she second-guessed that and thought they should be purple for Natalie, yellow for Wyatt, blue for Daddy, green for Mommy and pink for Millie. I said that while Millie would like cookies, she probably didn't really need any. Without an extra nano-second of thought, Natalie replied, "Well Yady and de Tamp eat spaghetti, so I think Millie can eat a tookie."

2. When asked to clean up before dinner, she told me, "I'm not available for that right now."

3. When asked to help set the table, she said, "my brain is too hungry to be able to do that."

4. She continues to call her forehead a headboard. That one makes me smile every single time. The other night, she kind of remembered that wasn't quite right and said, "what do you call it?" Because I love that misnomer so much, I said, "well, you call it a headboard." Because she's too quick for me, she said, "I know that's what I call it, but what do you call it, Mommy?"

5. This morning, she muttered something about me being a great mommy and that she was so glad to be with me all day. But before I could respond, she said, "of course I wish I were either at Kindergarten with Wyatt or work with Daddy, but I'm not. So you're a good mommy."

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