Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Going on sixteen.

Exhibit A, practicing shopping:

Exhibit B, like she's getting ready for prom:

*For the record, we took the kids to a kids-only hair place over the weekend because it seemed like it would be fun. I had no idea the girl would get her hair curled or that the "mini-cure" promised in their ad would be so professional. Or on a zebra print ottoman. Also for the record? Jeff muttered something along the lines of "she's never doing this again."

Exhibit C, the new ride she asked for today:

Hold me.


Leslie said...

She and Katelyn would get along fabulously! Supah cute!

Darling's said...

Just catching up on blogs from a 5 month break...or should I just name her Caitlin :) Those kiddos are growing into such fun little ones, aren't they?!!
Missed your stories and following along with your sweet family. Oh yeah, met Elizabeth (your realtor from SC) and her sweet family, they live 2 houses down from us while here for ACSC....small world!

The Blake Family said...

Love it!!