Thursday, August 16, 2012

Growing Up

Wyatt finally lost his first tooth! It's been wiggly off and on for a while and our trip to the dentist a couple of weeks ago prompted her to tell us that it could still be a while longer. Maybe that's why I was so surprised when it came out during breakfast a week later. Or, as Wyatt said, "I guess that dentist didn't really know, did she Mom?" Indeed. I'd like to show you a picture of his toothless grin, but it's a little difficult to capture - bottom, middle tooth. Pretty sure it's the first one that came in way back when. (By the way, I think I've officially been blogging a while if I'm writing about losing the same teeth I used to document arriving.)

He was quite excited to see what the tooth fairy would bring and I was hoping she'd come through with a golden dollar, but it turns out the fairy had a meeting during her only kid-free time that day and the tooth fairy's husband worked until well past any bank's operating hours. So, the tooth fairy did what any modern girl would and logged onto pinterest, where she found a few great ideas…like a basket made out of a dollar bill, an additional quarter and a glitter-coated note from the fairy congratulating him on his nice, shiny tooth. The fairy also took the opportunity to remind him that all teeth forthcoming should be so clean and pretty. We'll see how that works.

Despite his questions about how she gets into our house (through the crack under the front door, obviously), he seemed to be genuinely thrilled with the note. Amazingly, though, the money seemed to be an afterthought to him. He even gave Natalie his quarter. He's just so hard to predict.

In other news, Wyatt has his Kindergarten orientation in the morning. I'm not sure which one of us is more excited or for what reason. It's going to be such a fun year for him because he's so. very. ready, but we're also so. very. glad that we kept him an extra year. The ripening has been good. The countdown to Kindergarten has been borderline crazy, with him waking in the middle of the night to ask me how many more days he has to wait. We went to the school last week for the Kinder screening and he was just enthralled with it all - the lunchroom, the library ("there's a library?!" said with a look of awe and wonder), the whole darned thing. Hopefully tomorrow goes well!

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