Thursday, September 06, 2012

The Good, The Bad & The Funny

1. My kids are loving their respective schools.
2. Natalie is really enjoying gymnastics, but is disappointed they don't do every apparatus every time.
3. Natalie is such a good bike rider now that she rode a couple of miles around the neighborhood this morning while I ran. Pretty soon she'll outpace me, but for now it's perfect.
4. Jeff's back after having been gone for a while. Life is better when he's here.

1. Wyatt had a repeat EGD scope last week and still has issues.
2. Wyatt has now been diagnosed with an allergy to both milk and eggs.
3. Milk and eggs are in a LOT of things. Lots of label reading and modified recipes happening over here. Feeling fairly overwhelmed, but the panic of it is decreasing by the day.

1. At Natalie's gymnastics last week, the teacher told us all we could (should) leave for the 45 minutes and that if there were any issues, we'd get a call. That's when one mom piped up about her daughter and said, "okay, but just so you know, if she falls at all, she'll hold her breath until she passes out. So either don't let her fall or offer her a band-aid as soon as she does; usually that distracts her enough that she won't pass out." I'm thinking maybe gymnastics isn't the best choice for that three-year old?

2. Our local paper ("The Item", that in itself is a funny name for a newspaper) is thin, to say the least. So thin, in fact, that they don't even produce a Monday paper. No news Mondays, I guess. Anyway, I suspect it's filler, but they print details of every crime report in the county. Today's favorite:  a woman was caught on surveillance video stealing a bottle of bleach and some cleaning supplies. The value was four whole dollars. The best part? She'd filled out a job application at the store immediately prior to her petty larceny. Super smart.

3. My other favorite crime report from recent weeks: a number of items were stolen from a home out in the county and the list read something like this: a handgun, a shotgun, an xbox, a playstation, cash, a television and a bag of chicken nuggets from the freezer. Those must have been some fancy nuggets.

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Susan said...

I somehow don't think you're ever going to move a dairy and egg allergy into the "funny" category but I do have confidence that you might eventually move it to the "kind of a bummer but we're learning to cope" category and it will feel less overwhelming down the road that it does today. I so hope that Wyatt will feel better without it and it will all be worth it!