Thursday, October 04, 2012

That Went Well

We've been observing the fish hourly, just waiting for Orange Flipper, the fair fish, to swim to the tank in the sky. We've been open about the fact that he doesn't seem long for this world and Wyatt has been okay with it. I mean, I guess if your parents are telling you your fish is awesome but will probably die soon, you guard your heart a little.

It turns out, though, that if you're the one whose fish seems to be doing well and no one talks specifically about your fish dying, it's a little harder to take. Yes, that's right, Natalie's fish (she who was called Kangaroo, Fish and toward the end of her life was simply Natalie Sarah Fish) will be getting the giant flush just as soon as I get Wyatt out the door for school. She's a little upset, though now that it's been fifteen minutes since the discovery, she's only really sad when it seems convenient. I think she'll be okay.

Looks like I just added Petco to my list of errands today.


Mom said...

RIP, Natalie Sarah Fish. Hope you don't have a revolving-door fish population until you find the right fish. Your tank was always most successful at supporting a snail population if I recall correctly.

Susan said...

I'm sorry to read of Natalie Sarah fish's passing. I'm glad she wants to dive in back in with a new one. After Redtail's passing here at House of Hondo Andrew had no interest in another fish. I'm still storing that bowl!