Monday, October 08, 2012

Well Hello, Monday

Today is Columbus Day, which is a total non-holiday unless you're expecting mail or work for the government. Imagine our surprise when we realized Jeff was actually getting the day off (it's par for the course here that a "down day" doesn't usually include his office) and that both kids still had school. Can you say, "date morning"? We were kind of excited and planned to go for a little hike nearby. As so often happens, Life had other plans.

It turns out Natalie is sick in the toss-your-cookies way, the day is rainy, windy and about twenty-five degrees cooler than yesterday and now Orange Flipper  - who was doing so well all weekend - just died. In an attempt to make the best of it, I'm making lunchbox napkins for the kids, Jeff has cut the grass so I won't have to and he's going to go eat lunch with Wyatt;  Natalie is holding down the couch and catching up on Nick Jr.

I guess I just have to prepare myself to hold another fish funeral as soon as Wyatt gets home from school (sidenote: Natalie told Wyatt that Natalie Sarah Fish is in heaven but had to go through the toilet to get there. Hmmm….) Monday. You have a bad reputation for a reason.


Mom said...

Ooh, so sorry! Hope Natalie is feeling better soon and doesn't share with others. At least Jeff can kick back a little, even though your plans hit a roadblock.

Susan said...

I'm so, so sorry that Natalie is sick.

I am greatly looking forward, however, to hearing her explain how things get to heaven via the toilet.