Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Has it made your heart grow fonder? Let's see…When we last met, it was early February and I was amused with Wyatt's steam drawings. Shortly thereafter, February fell apart. We began with a weekend family trip to Atlanta only to have it cut short by a puking kid (W) in the amazing Georgia Aquarium. Seriously, that aquarium is beautiful. I hope we'll make it back and actually see all of it on our second go. I also hope that our next visit doesn't involve anyone making an abrupt exit from the dolphin show. That was awkward.

The next weekend had us celebrating Wyatt's final basketball game of the season. He played on a church team through the Y, and our last game was against the other team from our church. In other words, they played their friends. It was great fun to be cheering for both sides and it cannot be said enough how much we love our church here. Everyone headed to the church activities center afterward to eat lunch, get trophies and play. It was during the play part that Natalie tripped over a basketball and knocked herself out. She was airborne for a brief moment before landing on her head, so she got some style points but the part where she passed out cold took all the joy from her gymnastics abilities. So, we spent the next few hours in the ER where we learned that she was technically okay but needed to take it easy for the next ten days. I thought she was going to tell the doctor where to put it when he said she couldn't ride her bike.

I think it was the Monday following that little escapade that I reminded the kids we'd be meeting my parents in Hilton Head for the coming weekend. I was even so brazen to say something along the lines of, "so no one can get sick, no one can get hurt, we just need a good long weekend at the beach." I'm so freaking brilliant to call out the universe like that. So we all know how this ends (spoiler alert: not well) - Wyatt got sick for the weekend. He rallied enough (while well medicated against his ever-present fever) to visit the beach, play in the hot tub and do a little exploring in the area. He did not maintain that rally, though, and by the middle of the next week we were at the doctor's office where we learned he had the flu. Ugh. So then Natalie got the fever and we started her on Tamiflu. She, thankfully, never got very sick. I, however, thought I might not ever feel well again thanks to testing positive for flu and getting a raging sinus infection (I'd like to give a special shout-out to the flight doc who thought I needed to let it keep 'running its course'. That didn't quite work out and after 13 days of fever I found myself at urgent care on a Sunday afternoon, pretty sure I'd never participate in real life again.) In the midst of all that, my parents visited us in Sumter and despite our hopes that they would escape the misery, we infected them too. I'd like to give virtual awards to Jeff and my mom for being the only two who didn't require medical intervention.

Here's the best part: I started this post two days ago, thinking that I could finally look back on all this and laugh. LAUGH AT THIS, said the universe! And so Wyatt came down with a high fever and sore throat on Sunday evening which brought a diagnosis of strep yesterday. I have never, NEVER, been so glad to hear a doctor say that it wasn't a virus. I'm super-impressed with my kid for getting strep without having tonsils, but I'm even more impressed with how fast cephalexin kicks in. He'll be back at school tomorrow, praise be.

So that's it. That's where we've been. I have many pictures to share from all that time (always taking pictures, just never posting) and more importantly have a little someone's 4th birthday to share. But I had to get all of that out of the way first. Next post will be picture-heavy, I promise. My final wish to anyone who's still reading: may you never, ever, for the rest of your living days, get the stomach flu, a concussion, the for-real flu, a sinus infection, or strep throat. And Universe? I hope we've paid our dues for the entire calendar year.

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Mom said...

Eventually this will become a "remember when" series of illnesses and accidents. Such stories get better with age. Here's to a better March and beyond.