Friday, March 22, 2013


I am so slow on the uptake. Clearly there are some lessons for me to learn that I'm too dense to receive. How do I know? Just when I was basking in the glory of all in my family being well, Millie had to make a trip to the vet. Now, she has a long and fascinating medical history, but yesterday was the first time we had to acknowledge her age (nearly 12-and-a-half) and the thought the vet would bear devastating news. Thankfully, we have a guarded diagnosis of spondylitis which means her spine is swollen/irritated/maybe infected and we have a treatment plan. The prognosis is okay, which only means that the damage can't be undone but we can, hopefully, prevent more damage and get her some relief. She's such a good girl and is getting a little more attention from all of us.

So let me say this: I am thankful that all of our illnesses have been those which run their course or can be treated. I am thankful for the days we all feel good. I am thankful for my littles, including my four-legged one and for the medical care available to us. Maybe that will do it.

UPDATE: I wrote this yesterday and then didn't post it because I wanted to find a picture of Millie girl. I realized I haven't taken a picture of her since October (!). Also, the vet says her labs look good so he's optimistic about being able to aggressively treat her. Finally, I'm glad I've adopted this thankful mentality, otherwise I'm sure the guy who pulled out in front of me tonight on my way to a fundraiser at Natalie's school would've have completely crushed Nat's side of the van. Instead, I came to an abrupt stop with maybe an inch to spare and no one was hurt. Shaken, but not hurt. I wasn't even mad about the giant pan of homemade mac and cheese landing in the floorboard because lo, I am THANKFUL.

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Mom said...

Keep thinking those positive thoughts. Glad your reflexes avoided what could have been a bad situation.