Monday, March 25, 2013


My girl is pretty sure she's got stuff figured out and I dare you to tell her she doesn't. For instance, today on the way home from school, we had this conversation:

Me: What where you working on today at school?
N: Well, we were practicing the letter seven. And I already know the letter seven (said in an exasperated voice).
Me: Oh, really? What do you know about seven?
N: I know that it's down and then across.
Me: So then you also know that it's a number and not a letter, right?
N: No, it's a letter. And is it the one that has a dot over it?
Me: It's a number, Natalie. and none of the numbers have dots over them. You might be thinking of a lower case letter i or a lower case j.
N: No, I'm thinking of a lower case one.
Me: There's not a lower case one, Nat. There aren't any lower case numbers. Only lower case letters.
N: No, Mom. That's not what I'm talking about! I'm talking about the lower case one that has a dot that my teachers put on my papers.
Me: Are you maybe thinking of an exclamation point?
N: Yes, Mom, that's what I said.

And a few weeks ago, we had this conversation while driving and listening to music:

N: Mom, this is Adele!
Me: You're right, this is Adele.
N: What's the name of this song?
Me: It's called "Rolling in the Deep."
N: No, it's Adele.
Me: Right, it's Adele singing her song that's called "Rolling in the Deep."
N: No, Mommy (in an escalated voice), this is ADELE. I know because Daddy told me.
Me: And that's right, Adele is the singer and this is her song is called "Rolling in the Deep." She has lots of other songs, too.
N: Mom. You're not listening. Daddy said this is Adele, so this. is. ADELE.
Me: (realizing this is a ridiculous conversation) Yes, Natalie. You're right and Daddy is right. It's Adele.
N: Thank you, Mommy. That's right.
30 seconds of silence
N: Now what's the name of this song, Mommy?

Or just now, she came barreling into the kitchen with her keyboard and microphone (thanks again, Mom and Dad) and, with a delighted expression on her face, said, "Mom! I've got some really loud noises in here! Let me show you." She then proceeded to push the volume button all the way up and play before saying, "I told you it's loud!" Indeed, Natalie. Indeed.


Mom said...

I love that girl!

Susan said...

Love her. I hope you're still documenting her verbal gems in 10 years. :-)

Leslie said...

Hilarious! And I'll never look at an exclamation point, I mean letter 1 with a dot, the same way again!