Friday, March 29, 2013

Font of Knowledge

Natalie listens to the radio as she falls asleep at night, but apparently is starting to pay attention to what's being said. Namely, she listens to the non-music aspects like ads and dj's. A few days ago, she wandered into the kitchen for breakfast telling me all about how the weather was going to "be a yot yike yesterday, sunny and tool" which I didn't really think much about. I figured she'd gotten up, looked out her windows, heard me telling Wyatt what to wear to school and put the pieces together. But no. She later informed me she knew it because the man on her radio said so.

Please imagine my delight when I just went in to check on her quiet time and she told me that "on Monday, we tan get tickets to Disney, and then we tan get ice!" You guessed it, she heard an ad for Disney on Ice coming to a nearby arena. Fortunately for me, she believes will be unable to get the Disney Ice "betause we are going to church and den yeaving for dampa and dandma Rock's." Dodged a bullet.


Mom said...

Just wait until she learns how to use the internet and your credit card number!

The Thomas Crew said...

That is too funny! What a smart girl. You better watch out for her, Steph!

Leslie said...

So cute!