Monday, October 13, 2014

As Seen on TV

There's a hotly contested battle going on here in Alaska for a US Senate seat. On the right, we have Dan Sullivan and on the left, we have Mark Begich. Like all *great* politicians, they've been throwing each other under the proverbial bus for weeks. Because everything you hear on tv is true,  my kids have been able to educate themselves on the candidates. Unfortunately, we are apparently a house divided as evidenced by this conversation right after the latest "he's no good" ad aired:

W: Yeah, I'm definitely voting for Begich.
N: Not me! I'm for the other guy.
W: Why? What's wrong with Mark Begich, Natalie?
N: Wellllll, he works for Obama.
W: They all do, Nat.
N: Yeah, but he lied about it.

My kids, the future voters of 'merica. We're in good hands.

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Mom said...

They are far more logical than too many voters.