Saturday, January 31, 2009


We're still here. I didn't really intend to take a blogging hiatus while my mom and sister were here but, well, I did. We had a great time and both Wyatt and I enjoyed having other conversations and other people to look at. Grandma was big time until Aunt Susan arrived and then Aunt Susan was the woman of the hour. Wyatt even chose to give up his bed for her! He saw me blowing up the air mattress prior to her arrival and told me she could have his bed so he could sleep on the air mattress. It worked out perfectly and he's transitioned back to his bed with no issues. I was just so sure the whole big boy bed thing would be difficult and he's proven me wrong at every turn.

Other highlights: with my mom's help, Wyatt's mealtime meltdowns have diminished which is a significant life improvement; he has mastered his big boy voice (as in, no whining, please!) and it comes out as more of a hilariously throaty whisper; Wyatt finally started saying, "excuse me" to interrupt an adult conversation; Mom finished a bunch of random projects for me so now I feel like I accomplished something, even though I had nothing to do with it; I got all the newborn stuff out of the attic, washed and (almost) all put away - learning in the process that we have less gender-neutral stuff than I remembered and that my June island baby had pretty much no long-sleeved stuff that my March east coast baby will need; we went shopping, kind of a lot; Aunt Susan always had to ride in the backseat with Wyatt, because that's what he demanded. That about sums it up.
There was baking, complete with chef hat made at story time.

Proof that I'm getting bigger.

One cool dude riding to the airport. He chose the upside down sunglasses look.

And since I'm now flying solo again, Wyatt has taken this opportunity to poop in the bathtub (first time since this night) and to have a completely random throw-up all over my bathroom rug. Not on the same day, of course, so that I've now fully disinfected my bathroom twice in three days. Fun. And now we're counting down to Daddy's arrival home - only four more weeks!


Leslie said...

I'm digging the sunglasses :) So, Wyatt whines, too? Can your Mom come to my house and work on Michael's whining?? Seriously? Glad to hear you had a fun visit with Mom and sis!

Susan said...

My favorite is the upside-down sunglasses pic. He's the DUDE! I've much missed having a small person proclaim his love for me every four seconds since I've been home!

Heather and Scott said...

Love the stories and pictures! I bet it's killing you that Jeff is in Japan without you! Wish we could see that cute Wyatt ourselves...him and Katelyn would be quite a pair. She is full-up on the "Why?"...they would have cute conversations =)