Friday, March 16, 2007

Greetings From the Emerald Isle

What's that? You didn't know Okinawa was the Emerald Isle? Well it is. It's always green here because of the jungle that could overtake everything in about a month if it weren't kept in check, but it's especially green right now because we're in the midst of the year's first rainy season. Downside: gloomy days. Upside: lush green patches of clovers under our local palm tree (okay, and some weeds in the background - picky, picky!).

Without further ado, Wyatt O'Rock wants to say Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Jeff and a bunch of friends from the squadron did a triathlon this morning on Torii Station. The current was so bad they almost didn't let them swim, but instead just halved the distance so they didn't have to swim against it. Jeff was in the middle of the pack after the swim but was cooking on the bike. Unfortunately, the race guy told him he had one lap to go when really he was finished, so Jeff did a 6 lap bike while everyone else did 5. Oh well (easy for me to say!), he seemed to have fun and still did well. The weather is windy and rainy so it was yet another occasion where I was happy to cheer and glad to not be competing!

Swim to bike transition - he's the one in the yellow swimcap.

Fueling up for the bike; our friend Nojo is on the left.

Last lap. Just kidding! Clipboard man says do one more!

True Jeff style - a sprint to the finish to beat this guy. I don't think it worked.

The requisite group shot. Three participating in Mustache March - handsome, isn't it?


Pa Ron said...

Jeff--we are proud of you--for your physical endeavors and for your part in producing a great grandson---YEA JEFF

looking forward to spending time with all three of you in Hawaii

Ade said...

Wow...look at those arms! I'm impressed! Do I see a mustache on that adorable face? I need a close-up, Steph! Love you guys!