Sunday, March 18, 2007

Like Sugar

A few things that strike me as sweet (or suh-weet!, as you might rather say):

1. The Jayhawks. Sweet 16! Woohoo! I was recently questioned about not posting after the raging defeat of Niagara, but that was a little too soon. However, now we've made it to the Sweet 16 and it's time to talk about the Hawks again. Way to go, guys! We're flying our KU flag proudly and bringing a little Rock Chalk love to the island. And you're welcome for getting up at 6:30 this morning to watch (the 6am tip-off was just a hair to early).

2. This is my 100th post (please commence confetti-throwing and whistle-blowing because that's what's happening inside my head)! I think I officially have the "archives" that Jeff suggested I needed before sharing this blog address with anyone. Phew! Now I can tell the world about my little blog. Oh. Right. I've already told everyone I know. Moving on.

3. Wyatt. People with kids already know how this works, but I'm getting a lesson in "my kid is the most fun kid in the whole world" every day. I have video to back up this claim but STANDARD! Google video sucks.

4. We are T-minus one month to a two week vacation in Hawaii. I get jittery just thinking about all the retail that awaits. Oh, and a week with my grandma, parents, sister, bro-in-law and nephews in a tropical paradise isn't so bad either! And the mai-tais by the pool? Icing on the cake.

5. Having great friends right next door! We all went to lunch yesterday at Hanahou (the perfect little restaurant I posted about before and wasn't sure I would share....see? I'm sharing!). Nathan and Wyatt had a great time facing each other in their highchairs and pounding their hands on the table. Cool game! Then Nathan and Lisa joined us for dinner and again, Nathan and Wyatt had fun playing together. So not only do Jeff & I have friends in C, but so does Wyatt. And Nathan is so cute with Wyatt, always sharing and making Wyatt feel like a big boy. Like the other day when Nathan crawled instead of walking because he didn't want to make Wyatt feel like a baby for not knowing how to walk. So considerate!


Ade said...

I'm jealous...not only about Hawaii, but mai tai's or anything with a little 'kick' in it!

Mom said...

How sweet it is to wake to hear the precious giggles from a grandson 13000 miles away!

lisa said...

1) Im glad your Jayhawks are doing well.
2) Im throwing confetti in your honor. I think maybe the Capt. should do a 'guest' blogging appearance to commemorate the event. :)
3) I too think Wyatt is pretty stinkin cute
4) Im jittery thinking about the retail that awaits you- for totally selfish reasons. ;)
5) We think we are the lucky ones having you guys next door. And seeing Nathan crawling to be like Wyatt was way too cute.