Thursday, March 15, 2007

March Madness Ground Rules

1. Respect the time difference. If we haven't watched a game, it's because it might be on at 3 am here. For those of you needing a little world time assistance, we are now +14 hours from central time (thanks to your early daylight savings - hope you're enjoying your bonus 2 weeks).

2. Remember we're at the mercy of random AFN programming and don't call us with any news about the Jayhawks until you're sure we've seen it for ourselves. Case in point: the first-round game is being played at 8am our time, Saturday morning. It's apparently not airing over here until 4pm, Saturday afternoon. THAT LEAVES AN 8 HOUR WINDOW FOR US TO AVOID ALL MASS MEDIA (or friends and family) THAT MIGHT DIVULGE THE OUTCOME! Frustration.

3. Please withhold your comments if you see Wyatt dressed in the same outfit for the rest of the month. We only have one Jayhawk outfit that fits right now (and it came courtesy of our CU neighbors)! We'll do our best to keep it clean.

4. Neighbors and other Marek Park friends, please let us know if the thumping of the Rock Chalk chant (best college cheer ever, right Teddy Roosevelt?) gets to be disruptive. Because we own The Songs of Old KU and we're not afraid to play them.

5. For non-KU fans: if KU (God forbid) chokes in the first round again, please don't think it's funny to call us as soon as you hear the news. We're already scarred from the last two years and cannot handle your witty banter on the matter until sometime in July.

6. Also for non-KU fans: please expect a phonecall from us as soon as we hear your team loses. This half of the Rock ensemble is not a good sport and takes pleasure in your team losing. I will do my best to work the phrases "rock-chalk", "beak 'em hawks" and "that's-what-you-get-for-taking-Roy" into conversations with you (the last one is especially for our so-called friends who cheer for the Tarheels).

7. To our Duke & Marquette-fan friends: item 6 does not apply. I really do feel for you. It stings, doesn't it?

8. Pay Heed All Ye Who Enter 10346D: we're probably going to talk about the tournament at some point during your visit. If you're not interested in basketball, it'd be best to pretend like you are or avoid us until April.

9. If the Jayhawks' season is over prior to a win in the championship game, please don't bring it up with us for at least one week. We're mourning.

10. Should the Jayhawks choose to do the same thing they did in 1988, their reign will last until March of '08. So will our enthusiasm. Brace yourselves accordingly.

There. I think that about covers it. Say it with me now: ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK, GO KU!


the Hendersons said...

Rock Chalk!

Ade said...

Ditto Rost

Mom said...

Go KU!