Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I'm a Little Grossed Out

The whole time we've lived here, we've been under the impression that our kitchen floor is stained and, therefore, kind of perma-dirty looking. I have occasionally gotten down on hands and knees and scrubbed with straight ammonia but to no avail; there's just dirt waxed into the floor. Now I'm remembering the last time I actually did that hands and knees bit was at least a year ago. Since then, I've been cleaning with my super-duper hoover floormate and wet swiffering.

Until tonight. I broke down and bought a five dollar mop because I've become disillusioned with the floormate. Apparently it was for good reason. The perma-dirt? Yeah, it's pretty much gone. Or at least in remission. Amazing what that little blue scrubby strip can do! There are still the weird spots of paint beneath the wax, but on the whole it's WAAAYYY cleaner in there than it was 30 mintues ago. I think this begs the following questions:

1. How did I get started on the slippery slope to a dirty kitchen floor without realizing it?
2. How much funk has Wyatt ingested due to crawling around on said dirty kitchen floor?
3. Will the Method floor cleaner* I want to order from drugstore.com produce the same results as my trusty ammonia and water did?
4. If the kitchen floor was that dirty without me fully realizing it, is the rest of my house actually a pig sty and I don't know it?
5. If I continue on this path are my loved ones going to turn me in for an Oprah or Dr. Phil intervention? (please no - if you have a tv intervention on my behalf, please make it a makeover courtesy of What Not To Wear because have you seen my island wardrobe? I'm a sad case and will need retail therapy when I return stateside).
6. Where can I ditch my hoover floormate? Will anyone actually buy that piece of crap or is it just another thing to add to our "for bulk pick-up someday" stack (it would join the potentially-fire-causing microwave and an old carpet runner...we'll probably still be waiting for bulk pick-up when the movers come and end up shipping this junk back to America)?
7. Does this mean I need a mama-san?
8. Is this a sign I should blog less and clean more?

And in other gross news (because I'm not sure you've had enough), Wyatt seems to have a pretty sensitive gag reflex because chunkier foods are still getting the better of him. Which is why tonight, after downing a bottle, it was really a shame that I offered stage 3 chicken noodle dinner with little chunks of pasta and whole peas in it. STUPID MOMMY! So it was my pleasure to dismantle his highchair and give it a nice bath.

*if you or someone you know has experience with method floor cleaner, please submit a review by clicking on "comments". Thanks! We need all the help we can get, apparently :)


Susan said...

I'm sorry. Do I know you? Are we related?

kimmer said...

I have experience with the Method laundry detergent - both regular and "dreft style." Very happy. No experience with the floor cleaner.

Sarah said...

I have used the Method floor cleaner. Much sexier than ammonia and water, but not nearly as tough on gross college-student-kitchen grime. That's pretty much my stand-by. Because I clean my kitchen floor a lot... er...

Also, I have a serious "What Not to Wear" addiction. I'm pretty sure that Clinton and I could be best friends. I've seriously considered nominating myself and then wearing really ugly clothes around for a few week so I can go on the show.