Thursday, March 15, 2007

New & Exciting!

Just kidding. Same old stuff, but cute pictures so I thought I'd share.
Wyatt's been a pretty busy boy for the last couple of days. He tried his first spaghetti last night and this picture looks strikingly like some of his daddy when he was a spaghetti-eating baby.

He also is getting very adept at getting his own toys, thankyouverymuch!
He knew what he wanted as soon as he peered over the edge......that ball speaks to him!
Sneaky crawling boy is also getting really good at exploring all the nooks and crannies of the living room. He was on his way to Millie's toy basket behind the chair - this is the look I get when I say, "Wyatt...what are you doing?" To me, his little face is just saying, "Who? Me? Aww, Mom, I'm not doing anything. Swear."

And let's see....this is him standing and playing with his music table like he does all the time. It's just no big deal to pull himself right up and start pushing all the buttons. It still makes me laugh when he plunks back down and all of a sudden drops from my line of sight, though. What? You think it’s cruel that I laugh at him? Well, that’s just too bad because honestly, a stay-at-home-mom needs some humor in her day. Trust me on this!

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Mom said...

Great pictures. That look as he heads behind the chair reminds me of his mother.