Friday, May 25, 2007


Since you've all been clamoring for details (ahem....crickets. is anyone still out there?), here's a word-picture of Wyatt at 11 months:
  1. stats: 17 lbs., 3.5 oz. and 27 inches tall. Both are well below average but we're tired of caring too much. He also has eight teeth and so much drool again that I'm worried more are on their way.
  2. favorite foods: tomatoes, peaches, mandarin oranges, cheese in all forms, avocados, bananas (preferably bitten directly off the fruit, not cut up), waffles, yogurt and anything you're willing to share off your plate.
  3. least favorite foods: carrots, anything that isn't his idea.
  4. tricks: crawls at high speed, still with a nice little side-to-side wiggle; pulls up on just about anything (Millie included) and cruises with ease; claps and waves on demand; makes a funny growling sound if you ask him what a dog says; looks up at the mention of airplanes; flirts shamelessly with any cute, slightly Asian-looking women; flashes his sly little grin if he thinks he might be doing something wrong; feeds Millie from his highchair and knows exactly what we mean when we tell him not to.
  5. words: many combinations and permutations of "da". Can be guaranteed to say "da-da" if we ask him to say "ma-ma". He also seems to be working on saying "outside", especially in reference to airplanes. We first noticed this on Tuesday night after we saw a tanker through our bedroom window and he's repeated it a few times since. He knows "please" and "all done" in sign, but prefers his grunting method. Grunts are also the method of choice when he is trying to will something his way (as in, grunt and make a serious face and stare really hard at whatever it is you want, and hope that it somehow levitates toward you.)
  6. favorite toys: the little people barn, the music table, the plastic box of blocks, any balls, and stacking cups (which must be quickly unstacked with vigorous arm swinging). He also really appreciates the chance to play with any shoes, the dishwasher and the water cooler.
  7. miscellaneous tidbits: he loves water, thinks it's hilarious when we sneeze (real or fake), still refuses to hold his bottle, will drink water out of his sippy cup, tries to pet Millie by grabbing and pulling, is getting better with the separation anxiety but still lights up when yours truly enters a room, crawls down the hallway as fast as he can when daddy walks in the door every evening, thinks hiding behind the curtains is great fun, loves being outside, turns toward Nathan and Lisa when I ask where either one is, looks for Millie first thing every morning and has a great smile. Oh, and he points to his mouth every time we read the part of the book where Elmo points to his nose.

There. Now you know.

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Mom said...

Thanks for the Wyatt updates. Give him an extra hug from grandma.