Thursday, May 24, 2007

Water Baby

We've had a sneaking suspicion that Wyatt likes water. I mean, last night he strained to get his little chin over the edge of the tub so he could watch his bath fill (so sorry I don't have a picture of that - it's pretty cute to see his small-but-perfect naked self doing pull-ups on the side of the tub). Even so, his vigor at the beach today was totally amusing. As soon as we could see the water he started giving us the universal sign for "let me down NOW people!" (it involves lunging away from the restraining arms of a parent toward the sand and lots of grunting). He had protested his morning nap, so we weren't sure how he'd fare but it's safe to say he's a beach bum in the making.

First we sat right at the water's edge which was all well and good until the waves would ebb away from him; that just brought on more frustrated grunts. Then we moved to the let's-see-if-he-likes-the-floatie stage. He does. He especially likes leaning waaaayyy forward and splash splash splashing until his face and head are soaking wet.

Then we moved to the daddy-swoops-you-through-the-water stage. Also super fun!
Next was the calm floating stage. Not as much fun since the ability to splish-splash is diminished. He tolerated it but definitely prefers to be face toward the water, sometimes even face IN the water.
Then we had hey-you-look-like-a-prune-so-let's-sit-in-the-sand time. It's apparently very frustrating to be able to see the water and not play in it. Beach time was not his favorite. Therefore, we moved back to floatie time and quickly discovered it was time to pack it in since Wyatt leaned back and started to nap (no kidding) in the raft.

Needless to say, he didn't stay awake for our trip home. That 10 minute drive was just too much for our sleepy, sunwashed, salt-soaked island boy.

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