Saturday, June 02, 2007

Peanut Gallery Moderation

I enjoy that my comments section has become a forum for a few of you to chat amongst yourselves. In case there are others of you out there that think I don't actually read my comments, rest assured I do. It could be said I live for them.

Mom: the spider was large. Maybe two or three inches in diameter and fast. Scary fast. Brown in color with large fangs and beady eyes that watched every move we made. Okay, maybe that last part is an exaggeration but the rest is not.

PaRon: I think you and I both know that Wyatt will never suffer from a shortage of creepy crawly living things and bug barns in which to house them. His collection just will not include a spider if I have anything to do with it. However, because I want only the best for my child, I am making a serious effort to not pass along my own insecurites regarding arachnids or anything else.

Lisa: yes, in theory, you could have smushed Marty's food with your shoe but I notice you didn't. Which tells me you weren't really interested in having to do that. I think you were as creeped out as I was, but maybe you would've rather let the giant attack spider spin a web big enough to catch Nathan? Because I swear it could've. And the snake idea is intriguing...but don't you think that if it wasn't a super-duper-nasty-mean spider all of our geckos would've snacked on it?

Susan: you have your irrational fear of snakes (yes, irrational. Besides my 10th birthday party and that one garter snake Bonnie whacked apart with a golf club, when have you encountered a snake?) and I have my irrational fear of spiders (who, incidentally, are seen in homes across the world every day thereby making me confront my fears all the time. I win.)

Kristen: yes, that is how you spell it. I have no idea if Webster agrees but: my blog = my rules. Spelling included. You should start one - it totally suits our personalities to have someplace where you're always in charge and when people make their little remarks, you can make them right back (unlike your recent coffee encounter. I'm just sayin'...)

I sincerely enjoy that I was finally able to write something of interest. The pressure's on...and I'm already confident I'm not up to the task. Therefore, the next time you find my blog boring, I respectfully request you revisit the Heebie Jeebies post. Thankyouverymuch.


susan said...

I've been waiting for this post! I knew you wouldn't miss an opportunity to point out my (admittedly) irrational fear of snakes. I would like to go on record that I also saw one last summer in the flower bed by our front porch. It was a completely innocuous* (*that's a spelling gamble) little snake of about 4-inches and I didn't go out my front door for several days afterwards.

PaRon said...

Bug barns always contain spiders !!!!!

Ade said...

I've been following this, and now feel it's time to comment...Susan, there is absolutely NOTHING irrational about your fear of snakes. They have haunted me since I was small. My brother actually owned one...yes I moved to the neighbors for over a week! Then I went to college! Steph...just step on Marty and call it good! :o)

lisa said...

You're right, I didnt step on him....I contemplated it but based on how fast he was, Im not sure I would have nailed him the first time and he was big and ugly and mean enough that I didnt want to know *what* would happen if I missed! Because if he jumped on me...the scene that would have unfolded in the front yard would have REALLY been something to blog about.