Thursday, September 13, 2007

Sneaky Little Devil

Wow! I never knew a typhoon could sneak up on a person. Or a whole island for that matter.

Last night Jeff said he'd heard there was a storm out there but the AFN channels didn't show any TC warnings and neither the Joint Typhoon Warning Center nor Kadena weather had anything on their websites about any storms. The JTWC showed a warning that had expired, but that was it. So I figured that was really it.

But tonight we're sitting here watching the Today Show and I notice we're in TC-3. When I mention it, Jeff gives me the "yeah, I tried to tell you about it last night" line and when I ask when it's going to hit he says, "I don't know - they (this would be the crack Kadena weather team he's referring to) said either Friday or Saturday." Uh, hello! It's Thursday night here and you're telling me there's a typhoon hitting tomorrow? And no one's seen fit to mention it?

So I do a little more online research and lo! There is a storm. The most precise forecast I can find is that it's hitting sometime between 3pm Friday and 3am Saturday. It's name? Nari. As in "nary a warning, I'm coming for you and will see you soon!" Guess we won't be beaching it on Saturday.


susan said...

Tuck, duck and roll. Or something like that!

The Blake Family said...

Who knows...could be all cleared up by Saturday! We'll probably wake up in the morning to a bright sun shiny day...knowing the Okinawa weather! Have a good weekend...rain or shine!

The Thomas Crew said...

Hey, Steph. Glad we missed this one. Although the weather in Alaska was just darn cold to us! Oh, and I think Laurie will finally be blogging soon. :)