Tuesday, August 19, 2008

One From the Road

We're on vacation this week in Breckenridge with my family, so the cousins are having a big time. Actually, the adults aren't doing so poorly either. There have been a LOT of laughs, most of which are generated by comments from the young ones and I've really been negligent in not carrying a little notepad around so I can remember them all.

Thomas and Wyatt are only three months apart (Thomas being older and a little more streetwise) and this is the first time they've really played together. I think it's safe to say they're enjoying each other's company. Wyatt slept horribly last night but one of his late-night cry-fests included him whining, "mommy, mommy, Thomasssss" as he fell back to sleep. Every morning when he wakes up he immediately says, "cousins!" and wants out of our room. Andrew (at five, he's the leader of the youth gang) slept in this morning and Wyatt kept wanting to go get him. My kid's going to have a harsh reality next week when there aren't any built-in playmates!

Thomas is sleeping on a mattress on the floor, so the little boys have discovered they can sneak upstairs and use it as a trampoline. They're thick as thieves! Wyatt came wandering downstairs this morning with Thomas a few feet behind, and Grandma very innocently asked, "Thomas, what have you been up to?" Well, Thomas bolted out of the kitchen as Wyatt answered for him, "pushin', pushin'". And then I had to tell him not to be a tattle-tale. He immediately stopped his whining and ran off to find Thomas.

We've done all kinds of fun stuff so far, including lots of rock collecting, playing at a park, hiking a one-mile trail at the top of a local mountain (even the little boys walked the whole thing), feeding chipmunks from our hands, shopping, riding miniature trains, eating out and hanging out. So far, it's a great vacation that's going a little too quickly. The little ones are down for naps at the moment which probably means the adults will be, too. We're all blaming it on the altitude but I think it's more likely due to herding a five-year old and two two-year olds while also trying to coordinate the schedules of six adults. And the best news? Despite the fact that it was SNOWING when we got here on Saturday, the weather now is exactly what you'd hope for from a Colorado mountain summer day. Lucky us!


Lisa said...

Im glad you are having such a good time. And Im totally jealous that you're getting to play in my backyard. :)

The Blake Family said...

Sounds like you are having a fabulous vacation! What fun!!

Anonymous said...

It sounds awesome! Please tell everyone hello from us!